Matariki Tasks

this week in inquiry I have been learing about matariki. The task was to choose to stars that had there own tasks for example if you choose puhutakuwa then the task was that you had to right about your lost ones.

First I choose my 2 that I wood be righting about. They were Tupu a nuku and Hiwa i te rangi.

Next I started righting about Hiwa i te rangi the task was to right a vision baord/goal baord.

After that I wrote about Tupu a nuku and her task was to right what foods are good to grow in summer, autumn, winter and spring.

Finally I edited and added the pictures. (fortnite, becausee it is my favourite game)

I found this task interesting because I got to choose two stars and right about them.

I improved on  is my research.

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